How and why do an author's experiences influence and inspire their work?

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Most writers write about past experiences and things they know very well, or have been closed to them. It is very difficult to write about a subject that you do not know well and make a good book out of it.

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their own experiances gives them something to go on. like if i had a hilarious experiance with my friends, i could but it into my book to make it more interesting. or if something scared the crap out of me, i could also put it in my book. =)

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Life is sort of an inspiration all on its own. Authors seek it and create it into something interesting

Most authors do that in books. Like Roald Dahl wrote boy and used his life to create his book

It inspired him to make it his own and make it good. It is probably his most personal book he's wrote

He based most of his books on his life