Is this sentence grammatically correct?

She steps forwards and hugs him as if he was her dad.


She steps forwards and hugs him as if he were her dad

I think it's the second one but I'm usually wrong when it comes down to correcting single sentences so that's why I'm asking here. If I'm really dumb and both of te above are wrong then can you please offer me the correct suggestion?



The second sentence is grammatically correct.

Lemon is wrong; ipso facto, so is Peach. "As if" begins a separate clause whose tense may have nothing to do with the rest of the sentence. It's akin to saying "She steps forward and hugs him as if he had never left." See? Different tenses, but still grammatically correct.

Tiny is right in stating that we use "were" for plurals and "was" for singulars. But "were" is also used for subjunctives, which this is. The use of "was" is incorrect but nonetheless widespread, and is probably why you're confused.

And yes, it would still be that even if her dad WERE dead. Anything that comes after an "if" is likely to be subjunctive.


Lemon is right :)


thats definately the second one .

u aint dumb Lis ! It remainsd th esame


"She steps forwards and hugs him as if he were her dad." is the correct one.


The correct sentence is the first. You would never say I were, he were or she were; rather, you use were with plural forms -- we were, they were.


I think it is

She steps forward and hugs him as though he is her dad.

though or if

but I think it's because everything needs to be in the same tense.