Ideas for a sad love story?

Basically, there's this girl in my story called Lucy and she's really nice. She found this really cute guy called Evan and he's perfect, and all my blog readers love him at the moment. Their relationship is so cute, and they are a perfect couple in every way. I was trying to make Evan a nice character because I want him to go missing on wedding day, and throughout a lot of the story, Lucy is going to give up her dream of being a doctor and get a job as a private investigator to try and help find out what happened to Evan. Shortly after his disappearance she finds out she's pregnant with his child, and the child keeps reminding her of him. She turns out to be quite good at the job but in the end I want her to find Evan after lots of puzzle solving. I don't want Evan to die, but I want the reason that he went missing to make the readers feel sorry for him. I need help thinking of why he could go missing, and the clues Lucy could find on the way.

*Note* Lucy's ex-boyfriend wasn't very nice and is generally hated by the readers at the moment, she broke up with him because he cheated on her with another girl (who was Lucy's old friend). I don't know if her ex could come in to the mystery at all?!

Other character's include: Lucy's parents, her three brothers, and her half brother who has a wife and child.


Maybe some psychopathic (ex-)best friend of Lucy's could be in love with Evan, finds out that he's getting married with Lucy and then threatens to kill/hurt Lucy if Evan didn't show up at the wedding. Or whatever.

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Nothin's sadder than the time my girlfriend took jet and got killed by raiders. Try that.


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