I need a fake gang name for my story?!?

My Main Character in my story was affiliated with a gang and is going to be again later in the story. She has a tattoo of a snake surrounded by letters. They are supposed to stand for the gang. Preferably 2 letters? Also I want it to be fake because I'm not specifying where she lives and I don't want to imply something about a real gang by using their name. Can anyone help?


Rosemary's - Rm.

Dark Angels - D.a.

Lady Fangs - L.f.


How about The PooPoo Heads?


Zoldov so i guess that would ZV. Which i catchy becuase u hardly ever see letters at the end of the alphabet put together


PF poison fang as in poisonous fangs from a snake


Razor Blades!


The He-Man Woman Haters

The Purple Monkeys

The Faggots

The Double Faggots

The Game