How to deal with a verbally abusive neighbour?

My sister in law bought her first house a few years ago. The property next door is a rental property. She has had some decent neighbours over the years, but this recent one has become quite an issue.

First, they are a young couple, kind of raunchy - but that's not the issue. The mom constantly yells at her 3 children, every sentence is littered with the f-word.

Last time I was over there, we heard her yell, "leave me the eff alone you little retards", "go watch the effing movie", "eat your effing dinner", "stupid little slu*s"

Keep in mind these children are all under 5 yrs old.

Also, during one of her tirades (while we were all outside on the patio), I glanced over at her open window - she saw me and yelled, "what the eff are you looking at you b****? I'll come out there and kick your effing ***"

! What could I say? I don't want to start anything with this crazy women, my sister in law has to live there, alone.

Also, the yelling seems to stop when the baby daddy comes home. She also yells at her two dogs, "shut the eff up", they are tied up outside all the time.

My sister in law does not know what to do. She has tried contacting the landlord, but he does not speak english and cannot understand her.

She doesn't know if she should call social services, as she is afraid the crazy women will know it's her and do something violent (she has overheard the crazy women mention a violent native gang)


Yes, your sister in law should call Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services and the ASPCA or Humane Society for the dogs. This woman is obviously in need of professional help for her mental problems. Call and ask to remain anonymous. I am sure she has problems with other neighbors too. She will suspect everyone.


Don't talk to her husband and do sh*t that like that. Wouldn't make sense if the husband doesn't know his wife till now.

Try informing a department where they can keep an eye on her behavior and stop that influence on her innocent children. What the efff is she thinking about?

Ignore her, If she tries to talk to you rudely the next time even though you didn't talk to her, tell her your calling the COPS. She can't do nothing with any gang or whatever she says. COPS are Cops who can handle these issues and put her across the right departments for her well being.


Get her to speak in confidence with Citizens Advice Bureau. Hopefully, they can lead her in the right direction and advise her of her rights. This is the first step she should take other than contact a solicitor which may be costly. If she does decide to contact a solicitor again I would get advice from CAB as just like a GP some High St. solicitors know a little bit about everything but not specialise in one thing so it is important she gets a solicitors who specialises in such matters.


I'd call the police. That is child abuse and neglect!


your sister in law can call the cops and report her or something and can also call social services and just tell them that she would like to be anonymous and when the baby daddy goes home and takes out the trash or something your sister and law can talk to him


She sounds like an ignorant piece of trash. A loud-mouthed, cocky slapper (my English slang). Go and talk to the husband, seeing as that's the only person she ever shuts up for. If she ever gets out of order, call the cops.


Why don't you mind your own business and stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong!

She pays rent, so it's her home. She will raise her children as she sees fit, you fascist. If noise is your only complaint, then you have too much effing free time!