Birthday gift suggestions for a long distance friend?

I am trying to think of a gift to send a long distance friend of mine. We are both married, so I wouldn't want it to be anything too personal. We have been emailing each other over the past couple of years. I do not have his address, and don't feel comfortable asking him for it at this time. I might do that later on.

Any suggestions on an e-gift card of some sort or some other gift I could send him via email?

I have already sent him an e-gift card for a bookstore just as a thank you for some advice he gave me, so I would like to do something different for the birthday gift. Are there any coffee shops or restaurants so I can buy him lunch or a cup of coffee? lol

Thanks in advance for any help you can give! :)


I think it was perfectly acceptable to send him the bookstore gift card as a thank you. But I don't think it would be appropriate to start sending birthday gifts to a married man. I don't think most women would appreciate other women giving their husbands birthday gifts. I'm really not trying to be negative, but want to point out that this could cause a problem for him with his wife.


My husband received a fast food e-gift card for Father's Day. He loved it. Just about all major restaurants have e-gift cards. I think they are perfect gifts.


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