How to write an apology letter for being late at work?

How to write an apology letter for being late at work?


Dear "Your company or bosses name here",

Per your request I am submitting a written explanation in reference to my tardiness to work.

I take full responsibility for arriving to work on "the date here". Although heavy traffic seems to be on the increase between my home and work, on this day in particular it was even more heavy than usual.

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, the company and my co-workers. I am very aware that arriving to work on time is mandatory in order to keep things running smoothly for everyone. I will make it my priority from here on out to do my part by arriving to work on my scheduled days to work on time.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused everyone and will take this as a valuable lesson learned in punctuality.


"Your name here"

That should work. It's exactly what she asked for and more... Good luck to you!


That's a bit over the top,just say sorry and make your excuses. Maybe work a bit later to make up the time..........


Be honest, I don't believe one can be fired if they are late due to not being able to fly. Tell them you will enhance your performance and start the drive to work earlier.


its far better to do it in person anyone can write a letter it shows that your truly sorry if you do it in person u dont have to make it a speech


really? your boss couldn't be my boss. say that "due to heavy traffic, i was tardy to work. i allowed time for traffic but on this particular day, because of factors not in my control,my tardiness could not be prevented.

i know times are really tough but maybe while you are typing that letter, you can update and send out your resume.


depends on the severity of the job. do you work for a temp service or the government?

haha sorry to be so black and white, but its serious.

i work for a restaurant. people are late all the time. but not me. if i WERE though, AND they gave me flack, i'd tell them to shove it up their ***. even the managers are late all the time. so in my case, i'd just ignore it until they bring it up.


I believe that honesty is still the best key in explaining your side. Your employer will sense if your just making up stories. However, excessive tardiness is never a healthy habit.