What does excessive eye contact mean?

Is it flirty?


Excessive eye contact can mean a variety of things. Some common reasons why a person would give you excessive eye contact would be:

1) They like you

2) They think you look really nice or really weird/there is something in your appearance that is catching their eye

3) They strongly dislike you

4) They are spacing out and you happen to be in their line of sight

There are, of course, many other reasons and some of them can be identified by observing anything else in their facial expression. For example, reason #3 might obviously be accompanied by an overall angry look while they are staring at you.

If you are asking this question because you would like to try giving someone excessive eye contact to flirt with them/indicate that you like them, I do not suggest this method as staring can sometimes creep people out. But, you might be able to get away with it if you throw in a nice, flirty smile. :)


No, it's rude! Excessive eye contact is staring at someone.


Hi Muffin; Go with Daisy, respondent #2.


it can be flirting if your starring into someones eyes that you can be rude if your looking at someone because you think they look ugly,fat etc


It depends what follows it, if it's a smile it means they like you, if they keep breaking eye contact it means they're not interested.


it could mean anything, we need some context

it could mean that someone recognises you

or that they like you

or that they are flirting with you

or that they find you interesting

or that they think you are strange

the list is endless :)