What is the best way to deal with abusive neighbours ?

I have a next door neighbour who is an alcoholic. He is abusive to both me and my family. I am getting this week in and out. It seems to be when he's drunk but he clearly recognises me and know who I am. I have contacted the anti social behaviour unit but I am scared that phoning the police would esculate the problem. What can I do?


Going by your spelling, you're in the UK, in which case...

The police won't do anything unless you say you are actually in physical danger or if he has actually harmed you. Otherwise this is classed as a neighbourhood dispute and it's a matter for the local council and not the police to deal with it.

Keep a diary of what happens, get it signed by any witnesses there at the time. Keep pursuing it with the antisocial behaviour unit and if the guy gets more threatening or abusive where you feel actually in real danger, then contact the council if this is within office hours -- they might then advise you to contact the police who will be forced to listen to you when you say it's already reported to the council and that they have told you to call them. Include in your record any effect this has on other people such as your family etc, and report this as well.

I'm sure this guy will not like being reported and he might well have a snide comment or so to make towards you about it. But this is something you have to decide whether or not you're willing to risk it. You should be willing to pursue it all the way though, because if you report it and then he gets nasty about it, and you back off, then he learns that he can intimidate you and get his way. Then he'll be even worse. Don't back down!

If you feel that the council are not doing all that they could to address the situation, get in touch with Community Legal Advice (… where you can get free advice that could give you extra clout with the council.


You should report him to the proper authorities


Best thing is what you did by calling the police and stay away from him if you see him go the other way fast don't stop to talk and if he says anything to you get away from him but stay in contact with the police and write down each time something happens date time and what happen keep a record


Call the police. That's what they're there for. You may be afraid that his behaviour will worsen, but if it does, know what you do? Call the police again. They'll haul him off at least overnight, and you can get an emergency restraining order granted, which (depending on the terms set by the judge) can forbid him from so much as approaching you, and if he breeches it, he goes back to jail...See where I'm going with this? Don't be intimidated by this creep, you do have options. And the suggestion to carry pepper spray in the meantime is a good one.


Well you can be a fearful, scared little whatsit the rest of your life or take control of the situation and get smart. Get cameras, pepper spray, and call the cops. Otherwise, you're effectively rolling over and granting the drunk bully permission to continue his abuse.

The English thing (be quiet and pray it will end) is not an option here.