Where does the last name LeMaster come from?

I'm pretty sure its French but if it isn't tell me. Also can someone give me some history of name?


From the Lemaster GenForum Surname Message Board:

"The earliest Lemasters I have in my family came to this country from France. However, another researcher informed me that even earlier than that, there were Lemasters living in the area of Europe now known as Belgium. The earlier spelling of my Lemaster family was LeMaistre to the best of my knowledge."

Google books with LeMaistre Genealogy results: Maistre+~genealogy&btnG=Search+Books&as_…

I have ancestors with the name Masters that a cousin researched was LeMasters and LaMasters in earlier U.S. Records then said our line came from France.


My last name is Lemasters with the first " e " pronounced long. Older family members had said we were english. And that the french pronounced their first " e " as a short " a " is this correct?