What do german people today think of hitler?

do they think of him as a hero or evil?


They tried to ignore the fact that he had existed for a while and didn't put anything about him in their history books until the 1960s. Today they still ignore the facts a little but they all do feel ashamed/guilty/sorry in some way, although some germans now say 'he was nothing to do with me, I don't care either way'. Angela Merkel has always been very clear that he was very wicked and as a country they feel very responsible and guilty.

I know a 30 year old german lady well and she says they were brought up to never talk about it and it was only when she came to live in England she realised what a big deal it was and how much we were interested in it. I think they always try to forget it - it can't be very easy for a proud country like Germany to loose TWO world wars.

They definately don't think of him as a hero and most would say he was evil although maybe they just regard him as a piece of history by now - he has been dead for 65 years.


Evil, my friend, considering what had happened during his reign


i have a Germans and they just think of him a piece of history


German people are not allowed to voice a positive opinion about Hitler ( could get them jail time )

What they think is their secret.


my bf is half german and all his friends are either full or part but they love him


a bad spirit