Somebody explain to me what the hell are illuminati...?

I've looked on wikipedia and its not much use so someone enlighten me :)


The Illuminati are a fictional secret society, modeled after the Masons and the Knights Templar (two very real secret societies).

There is an author named Robert Anton Wilson, whose fictional works (the Illuminati Series) helped propagate the idea this secret society exists. The books are somewhat comedic, and while I don't really recall them as being all that good, the Illuminati are basically shown to be a New-Age hodge-podge of beliefs crossed with a lot of supposed 'insights' that read like something right out of a William Burroughs novel. It's a bunch of pseudo-intellectual gobbeldy-****. But that's your primary source, if you want to know what everyone else has as a 'reference'.

The term is often used simply to denote the presence of a large conspiracy which may 'control' the world, often through mind control. In recent times, the Illuminati has been identified with Masons, who are a historical secret society with a lot of esoteric Christian beliefs. These groups have a slightly different take on Christianity than a lot of more mainstream groups (hence the 'Illumination') and they may have a certain doctrine of 'We know the reality of things, thus are more fit to lead' --- but really, that's a pretty run-of-the-mill religious belief. It's just their secrecy which makes them seem suspect. There's some real evidence to suggest that a good number of important political figures throughout American history (and a lot of heads of industry) WERE Masons, but there's probably no basis to believe the Masons have any more power than, say, Skull and Bones, another secret society which gets associated with a lot of conspiracy theories.

So. They're fiction, loosely based on the Masons.

Hope that helps.


They were a small group formed in Bavaria in 1776 during the Enlightenment period in Europe. They were called "free thinkers" at the time because they didn't believe in the teachings of the church. They thought peoples beliefs and opinions should be formed based on logic, reason, and/or science, not forced on them by religion and old traditions (European aristocracy).

Due to the fact they didn't believe in the teachings of the church or European aristocracy, those groups spread false propaganda about them that they were evil and trying to take over the world, scare tactics so people wouldn't join or support them.

The Illuminati disbanded over 250 years ago and never reached America, anyone claiming they still exist today is just trying to capitalize on the popularity of the Dan Brown books and movies and "conspiracy theorists."

However, to this day, the church/religions still try to discourage people from forming their beliefs and opinions based on logic, reason, and/or science.



they're those people from that film


Dan Brown has used them in his novels and thus brought a very small,long gone group to world fame.

They were founded in Bavaria by the end of the 18th Century by a scientist called Weisshaupt, in order to avoid trouble with the Catholic Church (Inquisition) who was still very active in Italy. The Bavarian King was a staunch follower of the Catholic faith and when the Pope ordered him to get rid of this group he was happy to oblige. However they had been informed of their forthcoming capture and fled. It is said that some were absorbed by the Rosicrucians without any proof of this.

They were a completely innocent group of scientists who wanted to discuss and test their revolutionary theories (for that time) but had nothing to do with world politics,power struggles etc.


a none existing group that is rumored to rule the world.


Simple answer would be it's the name given to a group or groups that control everything in the world. It is mostly used by conspiracy theorists. (In not even going to go into any further details as it can just keep going)


ooooooh i've heard of those they're on the da vinci code...


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