When did electricity in homes become popular?

I realize after the invention of the light bulb, it wasn't very popular or practical for a number of years, but when was it that electric light started to become popular and accessible for the average American?


IT wasn't about popular it was about availability and practically, there were still many homes in Rural America in the 1950's that didn't have electricity or indoor plumbing because of cost and in the case to electricity it wasn't always available.


It was popular from the beginning. By 1900 most cities had electric street lights and most new houses were wired for electricity. By 1920 almost all businesses had electricity, and many houses were converted from gas light to electric light in this period. By 1930 even cold water tenements had electric lights. However many rural areas and farms still did not have lights. By 1950 there were very few places with out electricity.

So some time in the 1920 I guess most homes had electricity.


It really started in the 1900's when Tesla came up with Alternating Current making the transmission of electricity possible.


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