Did Hitler believe in Agartha "Hollow Earth"?

For instance he is known to have believed in Atlantis, which came about from the Nazi theorist Alfred Rosenberg, stating that the Aryan race was originally from Atlantis.

I don't believe in any of this myself, but it is for research.

In Tibetan Buddhist beliefs, Agartha is still taught, a theorised city in the centre of the planet. It is known that in 1939, Heinrich Himmler, a Reichsführer of the SS, a military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party, organised an expedition to Tibet in search for the Aryan Atlanteans, although others claimed the expedition was looking for the origins of the "Europid" race.

According to some Tibetan monks, "openings" are all across central Asia leading to this city of Agartha in the centre of the Earth, although some Buddhist teachings take the idea of Agartha and Shamballa as a spiritual place that one reaches in the Buddhist religion when they reach Nirvana (spiritual enlightenment), in Tibetan beliefs, the idea of Shamballa, Agartha and other "inner cities" are taught quite literally as real physical places.

So my question is, is it known as to whether Hitler believed in Agartha and other inner cities or mythical inner kingdoms, and if so, is their any evidence to support this?

Thank you for any answers in advance.


Truthfully we know very little what Hitler truely believed. We can be sure ha abondoned catholicism when he grew up, and has read some spiritual and esoteric books but little is known what he acutally believed other than purity of blood and the "Lebensraum Ost", and blood and soil - this ideas he took from Rosenberg who was the first to have the ideas (mixing wish to expand to the east with ideas about blood purity).

Hitler later distanced himself from Rosenberg and other esoterics like Hess for political reasons because an important support group in the beginning were catholic and protestant conservatives who had allied themselfs with Hitler against the Social Democrats and Communists.