What did children and teenagers do for entertainment in the 1910's?



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Hang out with friends. Attend local fairs, carnivals, sponsored club meetings. Go fishing or hunting. Learn needlework from a relative, neighbor, or friend. Take rides on wagons that were going somewhere new. Most young people didn't live in cities back then. Not many cars around and no radios. Only the well -off teen had leisure time on a regular basis. Most kids were expected to lend a hand at home or on the farm, or at their Dad's or older brother's workplace. Chores or odd jobs for cash.

Find some popular books that take place in the 1910s, books that focus on teenagers. That should be helpful.


Games and sports. Baseball had been invented. Bicycles were available.




The Nickelodeons, or movie theaters which charged you 5 cents,

had been opened. There were games, such as croquet, which

were popular and they allowed guys and girls to play together.

This did not happen a lot. if you wanted to date a girl you had

to sit in her parents parlor with her, and them in the next room.

You can bet her little brother was around looking at you every minute.

There were circuses, Barnum and Bailey's for instance, or you could

read a book, or you could even play records on the Edison phonograph

machine. people did not go out a lot at night since the car was not in wide

use, until Ford's Model T came along. Baseball was the popular sport

and some folks played tennis or even watched football, at least what

they called football. Childhood ended for the poor very early in life,

around 6-7 years old had to get jobs. For the rich traveling and the like

was the usual way of life. the Middle Class had it a little better but by 16-18

girls were married and guys had to get jobs.

Hope that helps. packers.


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