Why did Italy and Japan side with Germany in WWII?

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Italy sided because in WW1 they switched sides because they were promised by Great Britain and France that they would give Italy lots of land and gold.But once the war was ended they didnt get as much land as they wanted.

The deal with Japan is mostly the same just that in WW1 Japan was really just like a sort of back up to the Allies(Britain,France,U.S,Italy) so once war was over and Japan asked to take there pick on the land they wanted Britain and France said "no u were just a back up ur only getting the land that we give u"-quote from my teacher

So basically italy and japan were mad because they didnt get enough or the land that they wanted.

Germany gets in because they were the main ones stepped on in the treaty of Versailles which basically said 1.BLAME assigned to Germany they got full credit for starting the war

2.they had to pay $33 billion to the allies

3.there army was reduced to only 100,000 nd u-boats were banned

4.13%of there country (germany) was taken away

and they could no longer have colonies

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Japan had only recently "come of age" in the industrial world, and was seeking to gain prominence on the world scene. Wishing to expand their territory and resources, they invaded a Chinese country severely weakened by civil war in 1937. Their victory was swift and decisive, including the infamous "Rape of Nanking" in which hundreds of thousands of civilians were raped and murdered. The European and American community had recently taken a stance against genocidal-level massacres, and thus enacted a steel and scrap metal embargo on the Japanese Empire, which the US followed shortly with an oil embargo. The Japanese industrial machine stalled, and by 1941 they were beginning to become desperate. Fertile oil country existed in the nearby Dutch East Indies, however seizing them would surely ignite war. At the time the only significant naval power in the Pacific was the massive US Navy. Japan needed to remove the Americans from the war quickly, and to hamper any counterattacks. The Empire therefore signed a treaty with Hitler and the Nazis, who were on the verge of total victory in Europe. Along with similar ideologies, Germany was an attractive ally because the US would therefore be forced to fight a two front war, and with their European allies defeated they would agree to a swift and favorable peace treaty. So on December 7, 1941 Japan bombed the US naval base at Pearl Harbor to cripple US power, and on December 11 Germany declared war on the US as well.

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Italy was the example Hitler later followed. Mussolini was the first of the great dictators. They had cordial relations ever since. The Axis were named after the treaty Berlin-Rome, the axis treaty.

Japan is a different story altogether. They were every bit as racist as the NSDAP was, just a different variety. It wasn't mutual understanding that drew them together, but much more common enemies. And the distance between Germany and Japan. Not likely going to cause a war soon.

Japan didn't have that many powerful allies, so they took what was available. Even so, the cooperation between Japan and the other Axis countries was marginal at best. The attack on Pearl Harbor was more a surprise to Berlin than it was to Washington.