Female Reproductive System Poem?

For an Anatomy assignment, I need to come up with 4 stanzas that rhyme and include the anatomy and functions of the human reproductive system. It may be humorous but clean with accurate information depicted.

I don't expect someone to post 4 stanzas of a poem but any ideas or a stanza to get me started will really help.


put the 4 things you want to say in order...number them

then just turn the sentences around till they rhyme and add adjectives etc.

for ex.

the fertilized egg divides many times into a blastocyst

petty soon the female notices...a period she has missed!

good luck, it actually sounds like a fun assignment!


The hip bone's connected to the backbone

And the womb is located just above

Nestled in the stomach near the rib bone

Where the foetus grows and waits.......

You take it from there.