What happened to Eva Brauns body ?

We have a picture of Hitlers body. Since Eva and Hitler commit suicide together, why don't we have a picture of them side by side ? Almost all of WW2 seems to be based on eye witness accounts.

What evidence do we have that Eva Braun died when we are told she died ?


She was burned by the others in the bunker after she kill herself with Hitler. They did not get them burned very well because of lack of supply and the Russians approaching they could not be outside long. The Russians take the bodies but no one documented Eva Braun because no one knew who she was until after the war is over. Just recently they find her remains and give her proper cremation and memorial, and clear her name of wrong-doing (this was in the German newspapers not long ago).


maybe ask in the graveyard section of Yahoo.

...I'm sure there's one around here somewhere.


She faked her own death and now spends her time trolling on Y!A.


She fled to Argentina where she had a pile of kids. Your mother was one of them. You are 1/4 Nazi.


You have pictures of Eva Braun naked?


Hitler ate her before he committed suicide...


We know a few of the things that definitely happened to Eva Braun's body

For example, Hitler probably had sex with it several times

which is all you need to know, really


There is no proof that was Hitler. he and Eva probably escaped through the tunnel that was under the bunker and lived happily ever after in Argentina.