Which dinosaurs did the cavemen ride?

in bible class today we were talking about dinosaurs and how they were alive at the same time as cavemen i asked the teacher what we did with dinosaurs and she said rode them like horses but did not now wich ones so i am just wondering are there any examples of which dinosaurs were being ridden by people


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The only dinosaurs that were alive at the same time as cavemen were flying ones. They weren't big enough for adult humans to ride on, and would eat human young if they could get them.


there are no mammals in the same layers of rocks as the dinosaurs


No evidence of such dinos being used as horses or planes.


If dinosaurs had been alive at the time of cavemen, how come their fossils are never found together?



The cavemen did not ride dinosaurs. They ate and killed some of them and run from others. People never liked dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs lived a long time before people. Your Bible teacher is wrong. I know the Flintstones is a great comedy, but it's not real.


The only dinosaurs that lived at the same time as humans are the birds. Birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs.


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