Has the Church of Satan ever accomplished anything at all in all these years?

Seems like the LaVey Church of Satan spend a lot of time blowing a lot of hot air about how much better they are than other people and how they are the Elite. But it seems like all they do is talk and never do anything.

I have much more respect for a group like the Freedom from Religion people who instead of talking are actually out there doing things. Hell even that silly list of five goals the Church of Satan put out 40 years ago has not even been accomplished so what is the point of their existence other than talking and never doing?


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Why do you think that so many "Real" Satanists either never joined a Church or have since left. Especially after Anton died. Even his daughter Karla and so many others were disgusted at the way the Church was being run after her dad died

the worst part is that now all you need is 200 dollars and they will let in any moron even if you never read the Satanic Bible and know nothing about Satanism! How screwed up is that?


They have only accomplished bring death/satan into their lives, that is why you see here on answers many wiccans and satanic worshipers who worship the same it of many names as the muslim saying that they cannot understand why so much death and sickness is around them and heir families! satan is the spirit of death our Lord came to fight and Destroy and Has done so! This is the day of Gods final Great Accomplishment before He brings forth the Great Nation of Accomplishment that will rise up from the old earth into the new earth! To see this it of many names now found by Gods science making the way for Gods return and for proof of Gods love for His Mighty Daughters of Destiny and the Mighty Sons who protect them throughout the Heaven go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the about page and services page are many truths/proofs that prove This is His Epic due season of His Return..on the About page literally images of death/satan Gods enemy and ours now found by Science and proof of His Great Love for His WOMAN...IT HAS BEGUN THE EPIC DUE SEASONS GATHERING...MATTHEW page is for questions and declaring ones gathering


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Satan Worship Multiplies

◆ During the past seven years, according to the newspaper Die Vaderland of Johannesburg, membership in the Church of Satan in South Africa has grown from 20,000 to 165,000, an increase of over 700 percent. Quotations from the "Satanic Bible" that appear in an application for membership in the "Church" may explain why certain people are interested in joining. For example, one states: "Satan represents gratification rather than restraint." And another: "Satan represents all the so-called sins since they all lead to physical, mental or emotional satisfaction." According to the newspaper, their "services" are marked by animal sacrifices, sex orgies and the drinking of blood


no it is the road to nowhere..


Unfortunetly yes many have died in their sins are you going to be one?


Probably no much, but that's better than most religions ... who seem to do little but harm.


Yes,it has taken many souls into hell fire.The propose behind Satan's plan.


No. No wars, no crusades, no gay-bashing. Not a patch on proper religions, are they?

Le Vey was a pretentious pot-head, but he made some valid and interesting points.


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