Why is it haram to ask for a reading from a psychic?

i'm muslim and i really want to ask a psychic about what they see in the future for me by reading my palms and reading the tarot cards and i know its haram but why?


I learned in arabic school that if you do those things or even if you read the horoscopes in newspapers your prayer won't count for 40 days. It is haram because Allah is the only one who knows your future no one else. The psychics, palm readers, horoscopes are not for real its a lie. Some are even associated with the jin. Its your choice no one will stop you but Allah sees what your doing and you know the consequence as i just stated above.I used to want to do those things to until i heard the consequences and started thinking that its true no one know the future but Allah so i would just waste my time. I have a feeling you will do the right thing inshaallah.