What Does This Bible Passage Mean?

Job 5:19

"He shall deliver thee in six troubles; yea, in seven shall no evil touch thee"


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He shall deliver thee in six troubles - Six is used here to denote an indefinite number, meaning that he would support in many troubles. This mode of speech is not uncommon among the Hebrews, where one number is mentioned, so that an extreme number may be immediately added. The method is, to mention a number within the limit, and then to add one more, meaning that in all instances the thing referred to would occur. The limit here is seven, with the Hebrews a complete and perfect number; and the idea is, that in any succession of troubles, however numerous, God was able to deliver. Similar expressions not unfrequently occur. Thus, in Amo_1:3, Amo_1:6,Amo_1:9, Amo_1:11, Amo_1:13; Amo_2:1, Amo_2:4,Amo_2:6 :

Thus saith the Lord:

For three transgressions of Damascus, and for four,

I will not turn away the punishment thereof.

Thus saith the Lord:

For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four,

I will not turn away, the punishment thereof.

Thus saith the Lord:

For three transgressions of Tyrus, and for four,

I will not turn away the punishment thereof.

Thus in Pro_30:15 :

There are three things that are never satisfied,

Yea, four things say not, It is enough.

There be three things that are too wonderful for me,

Yea, four which I know not. Pro_30:18.

For three things the earth is disquieted,

And for four which it cannot bear." Pro_30:21.

There be three things that go well,

Yea, four are comely in going:

A lion which is strongest among beasts,

And turneth not away for any;

A grey-hound;

An he-goat also;

And a king, against whom there is no rising up." Pro_30:29-31.

Compare Homer, Iliad vi. 174:

Ενν?μαρ ξε?νισσε κα? ?νν?α βο? ?ρευσεν

Ennēmar ceinisse kai ennea bous hiereusen.

An enumeration, in regard to number similar to the one before us, occurs in Pro_6:16 :

These six things doth the Lord hate;

Yea, seven are an abomination to him.

There shall no evil touch thee - That is, permanently; for he could not mean that he would not be subjected to calamity at all, since by the very supposition he was a sufferer. But the sense is, that God would save from those calamities.


it means god will always deliver those who trust in the lord


megadeth - truth be told


It means fear god or die.


A roll of the dice may decide.


He will deliver you out of trouble, everytime.


Funny that i would click on this question considering that is one of the only 3-4 books i have read from the bible. I was probably 7 or 8 when i read it so i cant answer your question but that book taught me that no matter how bad things get you have to endure. Just like life it start out great then its just a long down hill ride from there and no matter how bad it gets you just gotta hang on.


Amplified version -Job 5:19 He will rescue you in six troubles; in seven nothing that is evil [for you] will touch you.

God will keep you from troubled times ....but even during those times & beyond that time God will also allow no evil to touch you. Troubled times doesn't mean evil has anything to do with it.