Do Celebrities Really Sell Their Souls To The Devil?

The only real proof I can find is a former actress who was on the Sid Roth show.

She said that her agent would NOT work with her unless she agreed to convert to knew age religion.

There's always speculation about celebrities that sold their souls to the devil.

Katy Perry has admitted to selling her soul to the Devil but some people think she might of been joking. Other people think she was serious.


In order to become a household name, or be a high level celebrity, you must either take the oath of the baphomet, sleep with a homosexual, or do a blood sacrifice where you put a loved one up for death in exchange for fame and money. i.e. Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, Soldier Boy etc.

There is no such thing as a celebrity 'working hard' to make it. You must do something wicked, detestable, and demeaning (including being coerced away from your moral beliefs) to make it in Hollywood.

Katy Perry was not joking either. She basically confessed at point blank range what she did to get to where she is now.


I wouldnt be a bit suprised if they did. How do you think Kim K. rose to popularity and wealth all of a sudden Hmmmm?




no they just get really wasted



But trying to starts with typing every word with an uncalled for capital - beware.



Just because you can hear gibberish when playing a song backwards does not mean they sold their soul to the devil.


You can't sell your soul to anyone. It belongs to God. "All souls are Mine." It's like selling the SF Bridge, and the devil really isn't that stupid.