Demons that paralyze during half sleep/awake?

On that nights that my husband says I cry in my sleep with my eyes open and looking around the room, I dream that I am awake but I am paralyzed and can't move, while demons scurry around on the ground. It never was anything to worry about until recently, when I started sleeping with my face in the pillow where I can't breath AND my body can't move, so I start suffocating and wake up after praying a few times. I am worried this will eventually be the cause of my death, since this has been getting increasingly worse over the years. Has anyone heard of this happening or does anyone know anything about this?


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Nothing to worry about. What you just described is very common and is called "Hypnagogic state" or Sleep Paralysis. I've experienced it too, and at first I thought I was possessed or something, but then I saw a neurologist and he told me it is a normal experience, although he said no one knows the real cause of such an experience.

I personally believe it's an astral travel one (Out-of-Body Experience), an experience we have every night while we are sleeping.. So sleep paralysis can occur either before you fall asleep,while the separation of the astral body from the physical one is taking place, which results in this paralysis sensation, and very lucid images that might seem truly real but that are only the projection of our subconscious fears (demons, etc..). It can also happen by the time you're waking up, and this is the result of the astral body getting back to the physical, which has the same effects.

I have learned to enjoy this experience instead of getting frightened or disturbed from it, and now the "frightening images" no longer haunt me, just a beautiful sensation of a separation taking place.

Next time it happens, try to enjoy it instead of getting scared, and the "demons" will disappear :)



go see ur pastor

asking on here would just get atheists telling u ur weird or sommit


Talk to your Doctor.

At the very least, it's possible it's a side effect of Sleep apnea. Don't ignore this - it can be life threatening. The constant drain on your organs can cause organ failure.


Wearing a Buddhist Swastika Necklace will prevent the demons from messing with you.…

If you are uncomfortable with it, just wear it at night.

For me, I wear it everywhere I go.…


Experts call this sleep paralysis.

I have experienced it myself. I think it is a demon. But I have learned how to handle demons. It is through the Name of Jesus Christ. Demons must yield to the authority in the Name of Jesus. But before you use that authority, make sure you yourself are subject to God through the authority of the name of Jesus.

here is how you can do that:…

"God opposes the proud

but gives grace to the humble."Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you. '

James 4:6-8

Now if you have any occult connections, break them renounce them in the Name of Jesus, and throw out any charms, potions, amulets, ouija boards, tarot cards or anything related to the occult. This is like a welcome mat to a demon.

Begin reading the Bible - especially the New Testament, and God will help you.


Those are sleep paralyzes, they aren't fully understood and

some people think they are spiritual and some not, i some

times get them wen i sleep on my back, this can help you…


Its not demons, its a variation of night terrors.

"Sleep paralysis is the experience of waking up (usually form a dream) and feeling paralyzed, except for being able to breathe and move the eyes. Hypnogogic hallucinations and sleep paralysis may occur together. These conditions are common in people with narcolepsy but can also effect others, particularly people who are sleep-deprived. Although a pretty terrifying event, these events are not physically harmful. There are two major types of sleep paralysis: common (typical) also known as CSP and hallucinatory (hypnagogic) sleep paralysis known as HSP."


go to your doctor and get checked out for sleep apnea

I get it occasionally and get very similar dreams / reactions.

I now wear a sleep mouthguard that solves most of the problems.

It is TOTALLY physical and NOTHING supernatural.