Appropriate ways to worship Odin?

I'd like to honour Odin, as I'm new to Norse Paganism and would like to know some appropriate methods? What are some things I could offer?


For all the gods sakes, DO NOT listen to anything that Aswynn says! It's utter crap. Ignore the link in the first post.

Heathens usually prefer the term "honour" to "worship". Gods are treated as older and very respective relatives, our elder kin, not as some sort of an allmighty punisher in the sky.

We try to get their attention and win their favour by offering them gifts (food, drink or things that mean a lot to you - things that you make yourself, maybe an arti piece...?).

In exchange, they interact with our lives, help us when we're in trouble and so on.

It's supposed to be an even relationship of deep respect, a gift-for-a-gift exchange.

Treat a god like you would a honoured guest at your house - he or she gets the first sip of your drink, the best bite of your meal, praise and gratefulness.

Now individual gods have their own preferences, of course. Odin, in my experience, won't say no to good mead. I brew my own at home. If you're asking something big, your own blood is a good gift to Odin also.

Just do a small ritual. Find a nice quiet place, it can be out in the nature if you have trouble at home. Speak out Odin's name (or names), dedicate your gift to him, make the offering (libation, burning, throwing in a river...) ad then ask politely for a favour, if you want one. Just honouring him without asking for anything in exchange os okay, too.

Hope this helps.

Message me for further details.


With a lot of these things, it's best to start of small and easy and work on it from there. I think when it comes to honoring the Gods, outside of Blot, Sumbel or any of the rituals where kindreds get together, that honoring comes from a more individual standpoint. I look at it this way... if I just met someone and I wanted to get them a gift, I would find out From Them what they liked, disliked, etc... and work on a gift from what info I could get there. Gift could be anything from merely a nice compliment to valuable gifts. But it's best to start easy and build on it from there. The first thing I did with Odin in mind was start studying the Runes (to which I owe Ymmo great thanks for helping me out there) =) While studying the runes, I feel closer to Odin... which quite honestly I didn't think that was possible lol


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There is only one who is worthy of worship, GOD almighty our creator. Only he can judge us worthy. Ask Jesus Christ to hear your prayers.


you could sacrifice an eye or hang yourself on an ash tree or a yew tree i am not sure which one Yggdrasil is


Best place to ask is in the link bellow.

The woman who runs the site is a priestess of Odin.