Celebrity ghost stories show REAL OR REAL FAKE?

what do you think I was watching that show and seem like a lot of has been actors and comedians have been haunted by ghost.


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how many of the celebrities are used to be retreads who will do anything to be back on tv.

I think that answers the question


I don′t know about celebrities seeing ghosts. I know that my wife and family have seen ghosts and still see them. Only one was hateful and destructive. The others were just ghostly people, adults and children, friendly and at times comical. All, to some extent were annoying, waking us up at 2 or

3 am every night. I wish they would entertain us in the day time hours. As I said I can only speak from experience.


Putting two fakes together, of course it's going to be fake...




they get paid to say these things so why believe them


Of course they're fake, because ghosts don't exist.


so fake! lol

answer mine anybody?;…


fake and so boring....satanic dont mess with it...yuck