What should I wear to go cosmic bowling?

I'm going in a little while, but I've never been before.

Right now I'm planning on wearing what I have on which is

light blue skinny jeans, an orange tank top with a black shirt over it that has orange, blue, purple and white designs on the front. Plus my jacket, which is black.

Is this okay?

I was reading about what works under a black light, and I don't want any stains or anything weird to show up cause that'd be embarrassing :/.

And all of the clothes are a bit old so that doesn't help any. :/


under black lights i like to wear white cuz it looks really cool cuz it glows. i think what you are wearing is fine. don't forget its dark so no one will notice anything. just have fun!


If you want to stand out wear white because it will 'glow' under the lights! Otherwise that's fine what you are wearing.


If you're confident and want to pick up boys, wear a very tight white shirt, whether you have boobs or not, and black slacks.

If you're a wall flower and don't want anyone to notice you, wear what you're wearing.