How should I do my hair for school tomorrow?

I want a new cute hairstyle to do for school tomorrow...

Possibly without heat (Like without curling irons or hair straighteners)

Something quick and easy?

I was thinking about scrunching it, any idea's?

If you have any suggestions and/or advice on how I should do my hair, answer below! :)

Have a great day!



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wet ur hair down with leave in conditioner or take a shower at night and let ut hair dry 95% of the way then separate ur hair into 2 sections and roll them into 2 buns secure with pony tails or bobby pins. sleep on them and when u wake up take them down and u will have beautiful beach waves ;) hope this helped <3


i would suggest a really cool new hairstyle that I use and it is very cute!

People are always asking me how I get my hair like that and they are suprised at how simple it really is.

First do not shower the day of or blow dry your hair for the best awesome all day lounging in the sun, summer lasting results ;) ok. All you need to do is shake your hair upside down and run some volumizing mouse through your roots...I like Aussie root boost best. Then blow dry your hair upside down for about 30 seconds to give it that bouncy effortless look.

Next divide your hair into three sections, top of your head and then the bottom into two. Curl the bottom two sections into a couple mid-sized pieces and let them hang loosely. (I will tell you the trick about the curling at the end) Next the second chunk the same way. Shake out all these pieces with your fingertips so they look loose and beachy. Next do your crown. Curl the pieces a little smaller than the bottom but not too tight. Remember to always curl away from your face so all curls face the right way. ((curl iron inside hair pulling away from roots)). Once this is done brush out CAREFULLY the sections of hair so they look wavy and loose. Finally re-curl a couple top pieces, esp. around the face.

**The trick to curling is to get a medium sized curling iron, any one will do, and instead of clamping it and curling and holding, you hold the end of the section and wrap it around the roll of the iron starting at the bottom and ending at the top. It is super easy and gives the curl awesome volume and it will last super long!

Finally spritz over with some aussome volume hair spray and give youself a kiss in the mirror you look goooorgeous darling!

I love to do my hair and this seems like alot of steps but once you get it down it will look absolutely marvelous every time, takes me about fifteen minutes!








If you want to create the beachy waves like in the previous people's answers, but without heat, then have a shower tonight and towel dry your hair, or if you already had a shower then get a water spray and spray a little water on your hair to make it wet.

Apply a little leave-in conditioner and serum, then roughly dry with hairdryer, or wait until your hair is nearly or fully dry.

Divide your hair into four sections. Plait each section, but don't start it near the roots, start the plait about 5 inches down (so that the waves start about chin-length down-wards).

Tie each section at the end with a hair tie. Then go to sleep!

In the morning apply a little serum to your finger tips and then un-ravel the four plaits (with serum still on your finger tips). This makes the sections you un-tie less frizzy and fly-away.

Run your fingers through to loosen the sections, then spray with hair spray and your good to go!


Ok, well if you take your shower at night, if your hair is a little damp, put it in a bunch of tiny little braids and it will be all crimpy and cute!

Or you could scrunch it as you said up there, that sounds cute!

You could also have a side pony tail, I would probably add a ribbon!

Or you could just do like 2 braids! really easy!

Or, a really high cheerleader pony tail! I love those when your in a hurry!

Or a side braid to!I Love those because they are easy to redo in the middle of the day! And super cute! Just add some hairspray and walla!

thats all i can really think or that are quick! Im not to sure if you wanted more fancy ones...


Side braids are easy and cute, and they stay put all day. Just use a little hairspray, and do the braid with wet hair. Messy buns are cute and show lots of personality. Scrunching is always nice just make sure that it will stay scrunched or it will get tangly and not very nice looking. Or you could always just leave it straight! That is awesome sometimes! Good luck!

Take Care, and Hope I helped!


Scrunching your hair is extremely easy.

I love this hair style so I would give it a try. :D


try doing a poof like this with wavy airdried hair.…