How to straighten your hair without a any electric products?

so i have a straightener and i straighten my hair a lot. the thing is i got pretty thick hair an it takes like 25 min. is there any way to straighten my hair without a iron, flat iron, curling iron or anything electric ? like a product or something i will accept ways to straighten your hair with a blow drier but nothing else.

one last thing...if i sleep with it wet or in a bun wet IT GETS CRAZY!


um your lucky. it takes me 40minutes to an hour to straighten my hair!

if you do straighten it make sure youy're using a heat protectant. I've found that the Lanza products work AMAZINGLY! I use the stuff in the purple bottles, the "Healling Smooth" kind. the balm makes your hair smooth and shiny and pretty much completely takes away the frizz and the heat styler thermal defense spray blocks out heat and humidity extremely well! for example if it's sprinkling outside you can go out with no worry of having to cover your hair. because it'll stay completely straight! unless you get it like drenched....I would highly recomend finding these products and use them!


Unfortunately, there really aren't many options. You can get it chemically straightened, but that can damage the hair severely if not done properly and it's probably expensive. You can also use a home relaxer, but I've tried that before and it made a lot of my hair fall out in clumps. So you don't really have many options unfortunately.


I can't garuntee completely straight hair but it helps when you comb or brush through your hair while your blow drying that spot. that way it's drying straight.


Nada, aka nope.