Can i dye my hair twice in a row?

Yesterday I dyed my hair: Live XXL Plum Perfection in permanent and its a nice colour but i was a brunette before and it hasn't really turned out the colour that i'd hoped. So Today or Tomorrow I was thinking about dying my hair again in the same colour, to make it stand out more. but im worried that my hair will fall out or something because that is what ive heard from other sites and other people. I really want to dye it again. Im 12 years old. Thanks in advance :)


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thats really bad for your hair. You should wait at least two weeks before dying it again. And the next time you dye it you should leave the color in for a little bit longer, like maybe 10 minutes


it bad for your hair


No it could damage your hair!


honestly youre not supposed to. give it a week tops than you can dye it again

#4 long as you're not bleaching your hair (like I did) your hair should not fall out..Sooo dye away I could say!


OMG! We have the same name! well anyway back to the question! umm.. I think it says on the package that you need to wait a few weeks for a month until you dye your hair again because you could damage your hair.


Well it depends on how many times you have colored your hair, if over the last year it's been more than 10 times . Just give your hair a break! I wouldn't if you've died it in the last two months. But what you can do Is go with it but make sure you treat your hair with damage control and reducing breakage by eigther a flat iron or any hot appliance(: hope I could help!


You have to wait at least two weeks because there's still color in your hair. You have to take a couple of showers till all the hair color is fully off. This usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks. If you immediately color your hair the second time, it will damage your scalp and cause you to get white hairs. It will damage your hair a lot. My sister did that and it dried out her hair. It's always frizzy and dry. I color my hair too and I have experienced this too. You're too young to be having white hairs. They stand out too because they come out thicker than normal hair. So if you want my advice, wait at least 2 or 3 weeks THEN dye it again.