Why does my head hurt after I wear a ponytail for a while?

Why does my head hurt after I wear a ponytail for a while?


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Aww honey I know your not as dense as they may think you are. Some people just don't think properly and say things the wrong way with a flair of attitude when your problem is a rare and more complicated than they can think. Just ignore them Sweetie. I know you are sincere and genuine in wanting answer's to help you. Consistent scalp aching can be debilitating for those who suffer it. Now they would be correct to assume if your hair was fine but I can tell from your problems your having your hair is quite thick both in diameter and density. (sorry it takes a hairdresser to work that out).

And I can totally relate to the scalp aches your suffering from, over time they can become migraines and they really hurt. I know how that feels and it's not nice at all. The reason you are getting head/scalp aches is the weight of your hair and the constant tension of all your hair being pulled together into a confined spot at the back of your head (tightness has absolutely nothing to do with it) is straining every hair follicle out of it's natural growth direction which tenses your whole scalp preventing your scalp from free healthy blood flow. It's because of the deprivation in scalp blood flow that you are having this problem and it's easily solved.

It will really help if you learn to massage your scalp every time you take out hair tie, use the pads of your fingers, move them slowly with light even pressure on your scalp in circular movements so that your finger tips don't rub but they hold the scalp while you move it circularly. A good 5-10 mins of this will get rid of that annoying pain, then massage the back of your neck to promote vital blood flow up to the scalp and if you have to massage your scalp again then do it. I am sorry to say but unfortunately you will always suffer this problem every time you put your hair into a ponytail or bun because of the weight and thickness of your hair and the strong direction growth of your hair. Putting your hair up will always force the hair into a direction it naturally doesn't want to stay at for long periods.

I hope you find relief from massage cause there's not much else you can do other than not put your hair up at all. In this day and age, with long hair, who wants it getting in the road, when it's better to just put it up into a pony-tail.

Hope this helps, take care Honey.

ps: See - I knew your hair was thick even before you wrote it, and I knew it wasn't headaches you were suffering from. It's scalp blood flow deprivation from your hair direction conflicting with being forced into a different direction when tied up. it affects spots on the scalp and they're the spots you need to learn to massage out ok.That is classic symptom of thick haired people who have stronger growth direction. You poor thing I know how frustrating it is for you. You'll find massage will be the only cure for the pain but nothing will prevent it, it's just how your hair direction and scalp acts. I know exactly how very sore it is, my sister has the same problem and I've been massaging her scalp every time I see her to help her. It's debilitating!


cuz its to tight? duh


its too tight


since its pulling your hair! loosen it up a little


Because you put the hair tie too tight. Make it looser or get skinny ponytail holders and use 2


i'm the same way, even if they aren't tight at all

just take it down by the end of the day & you should be good

or maybe it's not caused from wearing a ponytail..? :)


yea its way too tight. not to be rude but, you should know this shouldnt you? its common sense. not trying to be rude.


It could be that you have a sensitive scalp. It could be that your ponytail is too high, your hair is very thick, or that you've had it on for too long. Or a combination of all.