My hair is breaking off and getting shorter-how do i stop it.?

my hair started getting shorter the last 6 months, breaking off so to say, it is now just above my shoulders, it also has broken off to many different lengths. it is falling out more then it used to, but not bad, i just want it to grow long again. i home color it about every 6 months with the same product, and have for years without problems. i havent changed my diet, job or living situation. no new water table. i am not sick or anything. any suggestions as to what could be the problem.


Hair breakage can range from Not-So-Bad to Call 9-1-1. Some factors that contribute to breakage are out of your control, but many of the reasons behind hair breakage lead right back to what we do to our hair on a daily basis. While stopping breakage completely may take some time and serious TLC, you can often minimize it pretty quickly by stepping up your hair care game.

1. Trim Your Ends

To some women, trimming equals cutting, which may as well equal "No, Thank You." Done right, a trim only removes dead ends, not whole chunks of hair. When you trim proactively, you reduce the chances that your ends become so dry and brittle that a cut becomes necessary. Women who suffer from split ends have to cut them away before they break off on their own. When split ends get out of control, they travel up the hair shaft, making a serious cut more likely. Instead, why not trim the bottom 1/4 to 1/2 inch of hair every two to three months? Trims are more even and less traumatic than cuts that have to be done.

2. Don't Brush Hair While Wet

3. Get Some Protein ASAP

4. Let Your Stylist Apply Chemicals

5. Ease Up on Heat

An intense product like ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment can stop a lot of ... Alternate mild protein treatments with deep conditioners to keep your hair ...

Protein for Black Hair Care - Protein Treatments on Black Hair

What's the deal with protein treatments for black hair? Do you absolutely need to apply protein to your tresses?


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Lol dying your hair wrecks it

Thats probably why its falling off


Stop coloring it and get 5 inches off your hair,its the only way it will grow


Try garnier Fructis Length and Strength shampoo and conditioner. I had the same problem and now my hair is soft and silky! And not breaking ;)


You've been to the doctor's yet? It might be quite a problem.

I think its hair cancer LOL. Try drinking some medicine.

You might have too much hair.

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Hiya, if you color your hair yourself usually its all just one colour right? When you apply your colour do you only apply to roots or allover? Cause this can over process the hair and damage it substantial amounts causing it to break. Otherwise things like weather, heated styling tools e.g. hairdryer, Straighteners or tongs can cause damage to the hair try reducing usage and when using them protect your hair, a fantastic blowdrying milk for damaged hair is kerastase cement thermique. Its quite an expensive product but you only need to apply a little and only apply it every 5 washes, using reconstructing shampoos and conditioners will help too I like Paul Mitchel strong range. Try using that for about 3-4 weeks and you'll notice a significant improvement in the condition of your hair. Also a lot of people who try to grow their hair tend not to have a cut, you should ideally have it cut around 8-10 weeks and just have the ends off, this will help stop splitting and reduce snapping, hope this helps