Can you bleach your hair twice in the same day?

I bleach my dark hair last night and it turned yellow roots and neon orange the rest with some light patches of like bronze....

I slept with olive oil in my hair

Can I bleach it again right now or put a blonde hair dye in it to cover? I have plans today and cant have orange hair EW


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Bleaching damages your hair so i definitely would not recommend bleaching it again, it would go wrong most likely and would be really bad for your hair. The best thing to do would be to leave for about 3 weeks and then dye it again but that is probably the soonest you can. Sorry to hear it went wrong :)


You really should have thought about that before bleaching, It's very difficult going dark to light. I wouldn't dye it if I were you, I made this mistake last year, and all my hair started breaking off.... I bleached once in the morning, then again in the evening because it was orange... By that end of the night my hair was very thinning, Even just touching it I'd have a handful of hair... It was awful, I actually cried. I had to hide my horrible, damaged hair for months and get it cut really short. My advice is don't do it, you'll regret it. It's not going to turn out the way you want.


Well with your hair being dark, It wasn't going to work out anyway. Wear a hat for now.

I think you should leave it or your going to need to wear wigs until your hairs grows back. Your hair is already damaged don't make it any worse. Believe me, my friend did it and the next morning she woke up to find all her hair on her pillow. Go to salon to sort this out and don't be suprsed if they tell you it's completely damaged and needs cut off.

The best thing you can do is leave your hair alone for now.

You probably wont listen but you were warned.


Hmm well I bet you could but it wouldnt be the best decision. Thats pretty dangerous for your hair, you could end up like destroying your hair or going bald or something. Just wait a few days before you go and bleach it again, for your hairs sake. The best thing ya could do is probably do is pin it up into a pony tail or bun maybe it wouldnt look that bad, or wear a hat, but bleaching it twice wouldnt be good. Try it if its your last resort but next time just go get it done professionally. Even though it costs more money i bet it would look great : P


Bleaching your hair again yourself doesn't sound like a good plan; you can definitely damage it more by bleaching it so soon, and then you'll have more than just orange hair, you'll have orange hair that's frizzy and damaged. I'd recommend going to a salon who can take a good look at your hair and decide what to do. A permanent dye might be too much for your hair right now, but the salon could probably apply a semi-permanent dye (in a darker color) that will cover your orange color until you can do more with it.


i would just put hair dye like light brown.


Well you could, of course you would completely fry your hair (burn it out).

And it will probably become very thin and wit more slit ends. If you straighten your hair then that will make it even worse. I dont suggest bleach. But if you wanted to die it maybe a dark blonde and then gradually work your way down that would make it 10 times better. Dark blonde would be okay to use today, but it wont be perfect. At least it will be better then ruining your hair completely though.


No. I wouldn't anyway, I would wait at least a week because bleach takes the pigment out of your hair and damages it. I bleached my hair, and I had dark hair, now its kind of like a coppery colour, like caramel, but at my roots it's platinum blonde. I wanna do my hair again, but I don't want to damage so I'm gunna wait. It WILL fall out if you bleach it again.