How long do I need to keep cucumber slices on my eyes?

I wanted to do this but I'm not sure how long I should have them on my eyes. Also, is this good with ANY ages? Young and old? I'll tell my mom to do it too. LOL!


Cold cucumber slices, particularly soaked in cold milk, can relieve temporary eye swelling caused by lack of sleep, water retention, too much alcohol, etc., but they will have no effect on age-related under-eye bags. Those are caused by the accumulation of fat pads plus loosening skin under the eyes and can be removed only with techniques used by cosmetic surgeons.

In fact, putting anything cold on your eyes -- even splashing them with cold water several times -- will help relieve temporary swelling.

Put the cucumber slices on your eyes for a total of 15 minutes. Change them for fresh cold slices about halfway through.


Sally, the cucumber thing is an urban legend gone wild.


i usually leave them on for anywhere between 5-10 minutes. normally the amount of time it takes to do a face mask. yeah you can do it at any age, my mum used to let us put them on when we were kids so we would feel grown up. lol x


Sure it's okay, don't worry. :) Try 15-20 mins, maybe? :) It's randomly used, very randomly.


it is great for all eyes it moisturizes your eyes ad takes away any black under the eyes also it helps puff out your eye more from the oils in the cucumber and can actually decrease the wrinkles its amazing


Do it for as long as it feels good.


Putting cold cucumber slices is supposed to help with puffy eyes. It's good for older women however, anyone can do it. Slice the cucumber and put it in the fridge for a little while, then put them over your closed eyes for 10 minutes.