Newly pierced ears have pus and blood coming out!?

i've had my ears pierced for about 7 weeks now, and i took out my starter earrings last week and put in new ones from forever 21. for the past few days, my left earring has been sore and when i took it out today, some yellowish/clearish liquid/clumps came out. i cleaned it with an astringent as well as the earring itself, and when i tried to put it back in, the hole started to bleed a tiny bit. is this an infection, and do i leave the earring in or out?


you DID change your ear rings too soon, and to make matters worse, you used real cheap ones. clean the starter studs thoroughly with alcohol and put them back in. then do saline soaks 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes. go to and view their aftercare section for how to do the saline soaks. your ears will clear up within a day or so.

lobes are supposed to only take 6-8 weeks to heal, but in my professional experience they often take much longer. especially if you were given poor aftercare advice and/or product from your piercer.

saline soaks are the way to go. give it another month and see how it goes.

once a piercing is healed, it will take many more months for it to become 'seasoned.' this means that even once it is totally healed, cheap jewelry can really cause a flare up. so, you may want to spend a few extra bucks on better quality for the time being.


Go to the doctor because they're definitely infected...


oooh.. i had that's infected...go get some disinfectant alcohol and also some cream...use it night and day..hey,it worked for me..


that is probably a reaction to using earrings that aren't made from good metals. If you have sensitive skin like i do, you may have bad responses to metals that aren't gold or silver. take out the earrings and leave them out until your ears get better. stick to more expensive empty wallet is better than infected ears.


After 7 weeks your ears should have been healed. So I'm thinking you may have a metal Allergy that has caused an infection. Take out the new earrings and put the piercing studs back in after washing your ears thoroughly. From now on, only wear earrings made of gold, silver, or surgical steel. Avoid anything made of nickel.


yes it is infected, leave the earring in, dont mess with it with dirty hands, it will make it worse, clean it nightly, leave the earring in it for about a month, try getting a spray bottle with warm salt water and spraying it on it, it will help the infection..

trust me this happened to me, and i still have it pierced with no problems


Your ears are infected, you didn't change the earrings too early, but earrings from Icing and Claire's are cheap and cause ear infections easily. I suggest putting in your hold earrings and doing salt soaks 1-2 times a day for 5-10 minutes. the infection should be gone within a week or so.

Not all puss mean infection; green and yellow puss means infection, but white puss (lymph) is completely normal in the healing process

hoped this helped


Yes it is an infection. Remember any time there is pus there is an infection because the pus is all of the white blood cells that come and try to take care of the infection. I would put hydrogen peroxide on it. Usually the earrings that they use to pierce your ear is of a better metal than costume jewelry so if you don't want the hole to close sterilize the original earrings with peroxide and put them in. If it doesn't clear up in a couple days go to the doctor.