iConsign Depot is it safe to use them ?

I want to buy a car that i find on craigslist and the seller pointed me to this company iConsign Depot. I want to know if someone who use them can help me, is this for real or is a scam.


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iConsign Depot ( it's an online market place. They are legitimate and can help you sell your products online. All you have to do is to register with the e-commerce packages and you can start your online shop. They even allow you o post your ads for free and you will not be charged anything unless you actually make any sales. iConsign Depot have their own system which is not like Paypal, they ensure that both buyers and sellers are protected and their money is kept safe. Although the services offered are slightly expensive, it's one of the best online market place.


Not a scam, I recognize the service because my daugher purchased a sea-doo jet ski from them last year and I remember saying she was very happy about it. It sounded strange to me and she asked me if she should move forward with the transaction but I didn't know what to tell her. She did eventually and she received her jet ski 5 days later.

They are a good service and their system is very secure, I am referring to the way they conduct the transaction, I can't see anything wrong with it.

It's your call anyway.


Thanks for the advice. So far I registered and waiting for the invoice, they said they should contact me in maximum 24 hours. I'm still not 100% OK with this but if you guys say so...


Don't worry, you will not be dissapointed, you'll see, keep us posted.


Please post your experience, I just found the site myself looking for an item I want to buy but I'm not familiar with it at all.



got it, got the boat, it was delivered today, I was going out with my kid and I saw them looking for my house, that was a GOOOD feeling :) I am so happy.

Now I am in the 10 day guarantee period, so I should keep an eye out for anyhting that is wrong with it or might fail in the near future, although it's a nice boat and so far looks like what I expected. If I keep it, I owe you a fishing trip Paul, I'm sure you'd like that :)

Thanks again I wouldn't bought it if it wansn't for you guys.


lmfao. this was so lame but it made me laugh. btw home depot focuses more on cootractnrs and sell more in bulk. lowe's has less on hand but they have a little more variety. that's the difference between the two. i agree with wkorhummel. i hear stories from customers about how home depot screwed it up the first time but they hate lowe's too so they came back to get better customer service. haha. you people complaining about working there are naive, be grateful you even have a job.


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