Work for wal-mart, how to request time off on the wire?

Before I could just ask my supervisor when I needed time off, but now I am temporarily working nights and so is my supervisor, and someone else on days is taking care of scheduling during the day. I can't figure out how to request time off on the wire and nobody on nights knows how either.(Their supervisor works at night and takes care of their scheduling so they just ask him.) If someone could please tell me from memory, step by step, I would really appreciate it.


i just did it today.

log onto the wire.

click the link at the top that says "knowledge center".

idk if there's a step before this one, but look for something that says "ETA" which is short for electronic time adjustment.

once there, click on "add request time off" or something along those lines.

give the reason for requesting the day off, the date, blah blah blah, and then there's this thing where it will say how many hours. it's kinda wierd, but my personnel guy told me to put 8.00 for that part to say you want 8 hours off, or in short, not work the whole day.

there may be some bugs in this answer, but this is all i can remember. hope this helped to some extent.


i need to know how to ask for time off .my friend work there .she need to could you help me. with that


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