How long does Walmart orientation last for cart pushers?

I was called today and told it was all day, but how long do they consider all day? Do i get paid for it?


I just had orientation at Wal-Mart and it lasted 8 hours and was over 2 days. I got paid for working and had two 15 minute breaks and an hour long lunch each day. The first day was all on policy and getting to know the store and the second day was all computer based training.


You should get paid for it. It is the most informal day you will ever experience at your workplace. There will be a laid back atmosphere along with generous breaks. Usually finishes fairly early in the day unless some smart*** holds things up by asking a ton of questions about something that has already been adequately explained


It lasts a day. Maximum two days. By "all day", they usually mean 4 or 5 hours and yes you get paid for it. Ask your trainer these questions to be sure.


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