Will UPS deliver something with name and address errors?

Hi, if I realized an order was put in incorrectly, but it is too late to change it, would UPS still successfully deliver the package? I mean if the name and address are slightly-to-moderately listed incorrectly or misspelled. Thanks


if the address is real, how would UPS not it was not the address and peoples names are usually not posted on their house and that is meaningless anyone if more than one family name lives there - unrelated roommates


Yes it will change it to the correct address, but it will be delayed maybe one or two days.


UPS will do their best to deliver the package. What matters is, what kind of errors.

Example A. You transposed a street number 12345 main st instead of 12354. If 12354 exists go knock on their door because that is where your package will be, unless a direct signature is required for delivery.

Example B. You put the wrong zip code. As long as your address does not exist the that wrong zip code your package will be delivered.

Example C. You misspelled the city and/or street. As long as the misspelled city or street does not exists you will get your package.

I hope these examples help you in determining whether your mistake was significant enough to cause it not to be delivered.


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