How do I cancel an order for checks?

I ordered checks online from my bank and I changed my mind. I just did it like fifteen minutes ago. I hear you can get them cheaper elsewhere. Can I cancel the order? I go through Chase bank.


Nope the order has been accepted. These are a special order product that cannot be stopped.


They should have a place where you can cancel it on the webpage, so do it now before they start the process..=)


You could probably still do it.

Call them up, and ask them if they will cancell the order since you found them cheaper somewhere else.

You never know, they might match the price of the ad you have, just to get your business.

Checks Unlimited is the one in the newspapers just about every sunday.

But I think they also have a website.

Use your first initial in checks for security - never your full first name.

And don't put a phone number on checks.

Hopefully you know not to put your ss number on them.

I still see very old people that for some reason do this...


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