Sites like Fingerhut?

Rent-to-own items, order and pay online.

Thanks in advance!


u will pay twice as much or more! Believe me(: save ur money and then buy want u want (:


Stay away from them.

You don't need this in your life

If you want something, save up for it, then buy it

Don't fall trap to the scam of buying on finance and making companies rich and you poorer - much more poor by paying interest


Well perhaps if you asked a specific question about these sites instead of just list them with a question mark .... folks interpret this as asking for an opinion of Fingerhut,rent-to-own etc.

If you want to know if these add to your credit, the answer is no. They don't report to the credit bureaus and do nothing for your credit. That is one reason why these accounts are so easy to open.

The second reason it is so easy to open these accounts is that the merchandise is overpriced junk. They make so much profit that the can afford to have lots of defaults.

If that isn't what you are looking for, ask a better question.


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