Where can I find clothing inventory for my online boutique?

Information on buying wholesale or designing clothes and having it manufactured?

I'm creating an online store and looking for the most profitable and cheap way to get unique inventory to stock my online store.

Thank you


Hi Ali,

The most profitable way to get unique inventory would be to have it designed and manufactured for you in China and then shipped to the United States. That would mean creating your own import business.

You would be dealing with U.S. Customs and that involves a heck of a learning curve, let me tell you! It would be the most profitable but not the most affordable to begin.

Designing and having your clothing manufactured for you, even if made in NYC, also would not be the most affordable, especially if you only have one outlet in which to sell them. You would need to move thousands of items per week to make a decent profit.

What you need is wholesale sources for brand new, imported goods. Buying from wholesalers means you would always be able to order more of the exact same item when you get low on it. You could place an order on Monday and have it on your racks by the following Friday.

And you could order in small quantities, too, if you like. You would not need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get started.

Learn more by following the link below.


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