Profitable and fair way to add in fees to my contract?

I have paid an attorney to draft a document that I will be handing to potential clients.

The ending result of the document was fine, I simply need to find a way to add in a fee (within the contract) for my time to modestly bill out my clients. My question to you is what types of processing fees do people add in to contracts? Do you know of any examples? Fees such as processing/handling/closing etc…

For example, say, there is

10,000 a person does not know about that is available to them but they do not know about it, I find the individual, and guide them through the process of receiving the money. This money may be part of an inheritance/etc they would never have known about had I not contacted them.

When they sign with me, I pull the money, and give them their fair share in return. I would like to charge 35%. I am not sure what is typical, but I would like to start with this for now. I just don't want the numbers to scare people off, that is the big thing. I will be sending these forms to people just through the mail...and as time goes by I'll see what comes back with returned signatures.

I am a legit person who believes in fairness and would never want to overcharge anyone, however, this is a business venture and I do need to be compensated slowly but surely. It takes years to create a foundation of knowledge/business contacts/trust/etc (along with just trying to survive financially! Self employment is tough). So compensation for my time is all I want at a respectable rate. Thank you in advance for any time or advice you will be sending my way. Anything and everything will be very resourceful to me. Thanks again.


I thought about it and you can just be straight up and say you will charge a 35% fee for your services but don't say the actual amount that it is.

I also thought though, once people get a letter in the mail that they have an unclaimed inheritance or whatever, first they will think it is some kind of scam and then will probably do some research and find the money themselves thus cutting you and your 35% fee out of the picture.


if a person doesn't know they have an inheritance from a family member, how on earth would YOU find out about it? - 35% is bit much for finding that kind of money (if you even CAN find it)


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