Can an apartment complex shut off water everyday?

My apartment complex has been shutting off the water nearly everyday for the last week. They say it's "emergency repairs" so they don't have to give us notice, but if it's something that happens everyday, could it really be emergency? They give us no notice so we can't take a shower before work and they do it at about 10am, everyday It would just be nice to know the night before so we could take a shower when we know water is available.

A couple weeks ago, they replaced the water heater. We didn't have hot water for half the day. They had only given a notice that morning, so unless you saw the notice right when they put it up, you woke up to a freezing cold shower.

Are they allowed to do this? And are they allowed to not tell us exactly what the issue is and continue to call it "emergency repairs"?

I've been trying to find any kind of rights I have as a tenant in Colorado, but I can't seem to find organized information on it.


They are probably replacing valves in the plumbing system. When they put in a new hot water heater, often the new one uses more pressure and the old valves all over the building will burst under the pressure. I own units in an 88 year old condo building and the plumbing is always in need of something. It would cost $8,000,000 to replace the system so we owners are happy to continue with repairs and they try to do them after the early morning rush to get to work so the least # of the 275 renters and owners are disturbed. Ask the manager for an explanation instead of a Yahoo who can't tell you information that is specific to your building or complex.


Emergency repairs are emergency repairs and NO one knows when they're going to happen.

Take your shower by 10 am and stop least they are doing something about the problem.....................


many LLs are indifferent about this

my question for you is, what would you like to be done?

a specific announcement?

by whom, when?


You have been inconvenienced a little. Things could be worse. Stop complaining about something that is minor in the scheme of things of life. Yes, they can turn water off in the course of repairs. They only have to notify you once that work is being done.


Yes it's legal. If you know that the water is shut off around 10am everyday, take your showers beforehand. Also, if there is a problem with the plumbing, it could take a few weeks to repair. Just a normal downside to renting.

What "rights" are you looking for?


If it is an emergency, your landlord doesn't have to give you notice. The magic word here is "emergency".

If you know that the water may be shut off at 10AM, then take your shower before then. And also, draw enough water to last you the rest of the for drinking, cooking, etc.,

Good luck


Most of the apartment complex complaints on here are about management not doing repairs. You are complaining because repairs are actually being done. Who'd be a landlord? There's no pleasing some people. Perhaps they should leave the water on while they;re working on the pipes and give you a nice big flood in your apartment.


You would have a much easier time appealing to the landlord tenant board about the lack of screens and multiple infestations than you would about the emergency water shut offs.

Here is the thing, old building, old pipes, new hot water heater putting a lot of strain on that system.. It may take a couple weeks of unexpected leaks in the system for them to have the water working properly. It sucks, but a water leak is an emergency, they do not have to notify you and you do not have much recourse.


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