Has anyone heard of Home Owner Protection Economics?They do loan modifications?Are they a scam?

Can anyone answer this?I am wondering if they are a scam?


The actual program "Hope for Homeowners" is where you need to start your search for a modification. The people you sited are not them and obviously trying to gain attention through using a similar name, hoping to confuse people. They don't have great reviews by their clients:…


Yes. They have long lists of complaints about them. People paid $400, $495, or $795 upfront to have their loan modified. Once the money was received, all contact ended. The company did nothing at all to modify the loan.

One employee of the company said that they are not honest and he recommends that no one send them any money. ( This is the internet so you can't know if he actually worked there but he sounded sincere).


Havn't heard of them. Loan mods are tough to do, you have to have a very specific situation. The gov has tried to help banks and encourage them to do these but it hasnt worked well. Check out, thats one legit company I know of that does a lot of loan modification programs.


In California and Arizon there have been a number of these companies that are being sued.

They are spreading to other areas of the company like wildfire.

Google the name of the company followed by the words:




If you need help re-financing your loan, first talk to your mortgage company.

Ask them if there are any options.

If they can't help google

Making Home Affordable . gov

This is the gvt agency that will step in and contact your mortgage company.

The government does not want you to lose your home - they will help you at no cost.

And be careful with any company that promises you results - it could cost you thousands upfront and do nothing for you.



There is no such thing. When you use those types of lender, they prey upon pelpoe like you with high fees that make the mob blush. If you want reasonable fees, use a legit bank ..but I am willing to bet you do not have the credit and income for that or else you would not be resorting to online lenders.


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