Does direct deposit for income tax normally come earlier then the date?

The IRS shows they are processing my return n the refund chart says Jan 28th for the disbursement. The IRS website says by Feb 1st so I am just curious if its going to come on the 28th since that's when they do direct deposit..


There are 2 processing systems at the IRS. The older one releases refunds only on Fridays. The newer one can release refunds any day of the week. There's no way to tell which system your return is being processed on nor is there any way to know if the IRS will release any refunds from the new system before the 28th.

The WMR page tacks on several days to allow for bank processing delays. Banks cannot legally hold an ACH deposit beyond the next banking day but many banks still use older batch processing systems that run all business after the close of the banking day. A deposit received any time after about 3:00 PM on Thursday won't run until Friday evening and won't be available to the account holder until the beginning of the next banking day which would be the following Monday. If Monday is a bank holiday, it will be Tuesday.

If you filed a joint return, both names do not need to be on the account. As long as one name is, there won't be any problem with the ACH deposit. The problem arises when you try to have a tax refund sent to someone else's bank account, such as a friend, sibling, etc. If none of the names match, the bank will reject the deposit and the IRS will then cut a paper check and mail it to the address on the tax return. That adds 4 to 6 weeks to the processing time.


To my understanding it will be deposited on the date they gave you, February 1.


Maybe and maybe not usually for the married filing joint income tax return you would have a JOINT banking acount for this purpose.

But now you will just have to have some patience and wait and see even if the bank will accept the amount in your separate bank account from the MFJ income tax REFUND check amount.

Hope that you find the above enlcosed information useful and good luck


I am hearing that it is really being deposited on the 28th and that they are giving the Feb 1st date to offset people flipping out if their banks hold it until the next business day.