Any opinions on Hardee's on finding w2 forms on line?

how do i get w2 off the internet


If you were able to get your pay check stubs from a secure site run by Hardees, then you will likely be able to get the W-2 when it's available. You may have had to set up an account already.

If you think you can just go to a generic web site to get your W-2, think about this. If the company puts W-2s on the Internet, then anybody can download them. A W-2 form is a great source of information for identity thieves.

There is a web site that claims to have W-2s for Hardee's employees by January 18th. I have no idea if the site is reputable. You should check with your payroll department to verify it.

I hope this helps.



Ask your employer. A few make them available securely on-line. They will have to give you the URL and account access information though. There is no other legitimate source.