Told to claim 2 on W4 of my second job?

I was filling out the W4 information the other day for my second job (my first job is my full-time position, this new job is part time). The worksheet instructions directed me to the chart and at the end of the process it told me to claim 2 on my W4.

I currently claim 0 at my full-time job, and this part time job will basically be for spending $ only (less than 6 thousand a year, due to its seasonal nature). My question is, will this new W4 screw up my tax returns overall (will it make my return less)?


I agree with the guys who say single/0, that's what I do on part-time jobs as well (except the years I knew I was getting huge refunds). Your full time job takes up all of your non-taxable income, so you're really taxed on every dollar of your part-time job. I'd revisit the full-time job's W4 if anything. Especially if your PT job is for "spending money", you really don't want to spend money you might need for taxes later on.


Jun 3 at 10:26

probability yes change it to zero or single

Jun 3 at 14:12

I would file o on that as well. The extra 6K could push you in a whole new bracket.

Jun 3 at 18:21

You didn't follow all of the instructions. When you have more than one job, you must use the worksheets that accompany Form W-4 to ensure that the proper amount of tax is withheld. The calculations can be somewhat messy, so the IRS has set up a Withholding Calculator that's linked on their home page. Use it.

If you are claiming 0 on the first job and only earn $6k on the second one, you *might* be close at filing time. Either use the worksheets or the Withholding Calculator to be sure.

Jun 3 at 22:53