Where is the brake pedal in a cockpit?

Where are the control for the Brakes to apply , that are attached to the main landing gear...

Also how do they steer A320 while on ground?


In the cockpit, there isn't room for a car-style brake-pedal, nor for one like the type of a locomotive/parking brake. So the rudder pedal also serve as brakes. They are called 'toe brakes', when the brake is a separate mechanism at the top of the pedal the can be pressed by hence, the toe, without moving the rudder, which would cause movement on the runway/taxiway. On a commercial airline, the rudder pedals also control the nose wheel (same in GA aircraft tail wheel included), but the main steering is done by a wheel that spins like the crank on a bicycle, which is used to move the nose wheel either left or right, whereas the toe brakes are used for added steering since, unlike a car, they can utilize differential brakes.


The Breaks Are In The Upper Section Of The Rudder Pedal Itself!

At Low Speeds The Pilot Uses A Lever To Turn The Nose Wheel

At High Speeds He Uses The Rudder And Partial Breaking

Left Side Of The Screen The Lever Near The Window