What colour light is displayed from the starboard side of a ship?

What colour light is displayed from the starboard side of a ship?


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the colour is red.The port and starboard navigation lights on any vessel are left---Port. Red

right ---starboard.Green

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Dec 6 at 23:57

I would imagine green, same as aircraft, red on the port .

Dec 7 at 4:6

You should be able to sea green light and also a white light from the masthead.

Dec 7 at 8:38

Starboard is green.

Dec 7 at 13:33

Is green in Uk of course and in all countries of the world that I have visited but the buoy-age system is red for starboard in America and green in UK and elsewhere.

Dec 7 at 18:51

On the stbd side its Green on the port side its Red, to remember what side is Port or Stbd , port=left same amount letters and even, starboard=right odd amount letters, also port is not the original name for Left, it was Larboard

Dec 8 at 0:33

the internationally agreed code is red for port and green for starboard, when I first started sailing I remembered it as "we always have red port left" and when passing we were told "red to red straight ahead green to green should never be seen" so in america and europe its the same as on the roads keep to the right pass oncoming ships to your left

Dec 8 at 6:37